• International financial location with more than $92 billion AUM
  • Lowest tax burden for companies and private individuals
  • Ideally located between the dynamic Zurich economic area and attractive recreation areas

Pfaeffikon-SZ has very sensible government spending and has managed to always maintain a positive balance sheet.

The large increase of tax payers and the amount of taxes paid by mainly the financial industry made it possible to lower taxes to the residents and businesses of Pfaeffikon-SZ for 5 years in a row.

In Pfaeffikon SZ legal entities pay low rates of tax. Corporate income and capital taxes (annual tax on the net wealth of the entity) are calculated in accordance with a proportional rate, and are imposed by the canton, region and municipality. The federal government only imposes tax on profit. The venue of the taxation is deemed to be the registered domicile of the company or the effective place of business.

For Pfaeffikon SZ the tax on capital is 1,035% per year (Tax 1,035 per Mil, Tax 1,085 per Mil. incl. church) so a capital of $15.000.000 = Tax $15.525.

Tax break

Following a hearing of the domiciliary municipality, Pfaeffikon SZ grants companies which relocate to Pfaeffikon SZ and which serve the economic interest s of the canton, a reasonable partial tax break for the first ten years. An essential change in the operating activities is deemed equivalent to a new opening. The granting of a tax break is linked to certain criteria and conditions.

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To reduce economic double taxation on dividends, Pfaeffikon SZ introduced privileged dividend taxation: thanks to this rule, dividends on relevant participations are taxed at only one quarter of the normal rate. It is expected that from 2009 onwards dividends on relevant participations will be taxed by the federal government only at a rate of 60%, or in the case of participations held as business assets at a rate of 50%. Of particular interest is the fact that in Pfaeffikon SZ the net wealth tax rate is charged proportionately, and not progressively as in other cantons. In addition, Pfaeffikon SZ does not hae any gift tax or inheritance tax.

Calculation of income tax

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