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In order to enter Switzerland, you are required to submit a valid identity document that is recognised by the country (passport, an official identity card is sufficient for EU/EFTA nationals).

Depending on your country of origin, you will also require a visa (EU/EFTA citizens do not need a visa).

Financial assets

There are no special restrictions on the importation into Switzerland of currency that is admitted as legal tender. Cash amounts in excess of EUR 10,000 must be declared to the customs authorities on both entering and leaving the country.


You can stay up to three month in Switzerland without a residence permit. This gives you time to find a place to stay, getting your paperworks done and prepare your move. See our hotel list Pfäffikon if you need a hotel.

If you are staying for more than 3 months, you need a valid work and/or residence permit. For citizens of EU-17/EFTA states, a simplified permission procedure applies. You can apply for your work and residence permit directly within 14 days after arrival at "Gemeindehaus Dorf", Etzelstrasse 13, 8808 Pfaeffikon:


Please bring the following documents:

  • a passport or identity card
  • a confirmation letter from your employer
  • two passport photographs (35mm x 45mm)
  • (detailed information at

Apply for a "Ausländerausweis B". They all speak English and will be happy to assist you filling in the forms.

It will takes 10-12 days.


Relocating to Switzerland is the main condition for being able to import one's house-hold effects, collections, animals or car into the country free of tax. The only requirement is that the goods must have been used by you personally for at least six months prior to importation and must continue to be used by you thereafter (for example, for twelve months in the case of cars).

 Since 1 June 2007 citizens from the first 15 EU states (+Cyprus and Malta) as well as from the EFTA states are no longer required to provide an assurance of a residence authorisation. Change of domicile has to be proven by other means (work contract, tenancy agreement, deregistration from the country of origin).

Completed application form 18.44 must be submitted to the entry-point customs office upon importation.

Clearing of removal goods must take place during customs office opening hours.

Further information and a FAQ can be found at Swiss Federal Customs Administration.

Bank account and credit card

Open your account in person. Therefore, bring the following documents with you:
  • †Residence permit / valid identification (if your residence permit has not been issued yet, a confirmation of your place of residence is sufficient)
  • †If existing: work contract

Driving licence and car admission

You have to transfer your driving licence at the latest 12 months after your entry date and register your car. Time limits for registration are:

  • 12 months if you bring your used car in the country from abroad
  • 1 month if the car is newly bought
  • For the registration of your car in Switzerland you need proof of insurance with a Swiss insurance company.

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