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Pfäffikon-SZ ( Freienbach ) is the well-known lowest-tax business location in Switzerland on Lake Zurich , not to be confused with the municipality “Pfaeffikon ZH”.
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Single Hedge Fund Managers in Switzerland:
Evolution and Adaptation to a Changing Environment

Single Hedge Fund Managers in Switzerland:Evolution and Adaptation to a Changing Environment.


2012 Tax Comparison

Pfaeffikon-SZ has very sensible government spending and has managed to always maintain a positive balance sheet. The large increase of tax payers and the amount of taxes paid by mainly the financial industry made it possible to lower taxes to the residents and businesses of Pfaeffikon-SZ for 5 years in a row.

Tax rates are: 11.8 % Corporate Tax / 19 % Personal Tax

Approx. maximum tax rate in comparison to the tax rates of the preferred business locations in Switzerland.

Pfaeffikon City (SZ) 11.8% 19.0% 10.0%
Basel City (BS) 14.8% 37.0% 33.8% yes
Zug City (ZG) 15.3% 23.0% 13.6% yes
Lucern (LU) 15.9% 32.9% 18.3% yes
Schaffhausen (SH) 15.9% 33.6% 18.2% yes
Frauenfeld (TG) 16.5% 35.5% 21.5% yes
St. Gallen (SG) 16.9% 35.8% 18.8% yes
Lugano (TI) 19.3% 36.3% 33.5% yes
Fribourg (FR) 20.8% 36.3% 19.8% yes
Pfäffikon (ZH) 21.0% 39.3% 23.7% yes
Zurich City (ZH) 21.2% 40.0% 23.8% yes
Bern (BE) 21.3% 41.3% 24.2% yes
Geneva (GE) 24.2% 44.0% 27.5% yes
Lausanne (VD) 23.5% 41.5% 33.2% yes

There is no inheritance or gift tax in Pfäffikon-SZ


Opalesque Hedge Fund News Exclusive: How Pfaeffikon is catching up...

Opalesque Exclusive: Switzerland's 116 hedge fund offices - where are they based? How Pfaeffikon is catching up with Geneva, Zurich. Friday, February 26, 2010, Benedicte Gravrand, Opalesque London:

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For those thinking of opening up an office in Switzerland, a small town in the center of the country, with Lake Zurich’s in front and the Alpine mountains on the back, already has a claim on the finance – and especially the hedge fund – world. This town, where the 7000 or so inhabitants speak Swiss-German - and English, I am told - is Pfaeffikon. And it is at the moment in the midst of a boom, with building grounds and projects, as it is preparing to welcome an even greater international community.



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